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Rencontre avec Eva Sas et Alain Lipietz. Spectacle en hongrois. Performance in Hungarian with French subtitles. Petit Auditorium. Report lecture-performance de Charles Pennequin.

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Contact: Petit auditorium. Anne Marsella, Ryan Kerr, and other artists and writers will read from and present their work. The archives of this independent magazine are available online - www. Directed by Arthur Nauzyciel. In English with French subtitles. If you would like to attend this show, tickets are 8 euros with Words Alive O. To reserve, contact wordsaliveo gmail. On Sunday 21 November, there will be a discussion with the artists after the show.

Et si on re lisait An evening of short fiction, poetry and translation in collaboration with independent press CB Editions. Gabriel Josipovici was born in Nice in and studied in Egypt before coming to England in His work is European in scope and resolutely modern in the tradition of Kafka, Beckett and other writers and artists of the early 20th century; it includes novels, short stories, plays for radio and the stage, and literary criticism. A Canadian, she lives in Paris and Stanford, California. AT: la Librairie Gallimard 15 boulevard Raspail His work brings marginalized voices centre-stage in a variety of experimental forms, language-play and character monologue, seeking beauty in the absurd.

Living in Paris, Troy divides his time as writer, performer, business coach and workshop facilitator for the Coaches Training Institute. There will be a third reader. AT: Meet at a. Events in English, Gaelic and French. Admission free. Reservations recommended 01 58 52 10 Outline Get Access Get Access.

Chapter contents Book contents. Computer-Assisted Research in the Humanities. Author links open overlay panel. Publisher Summary This chapter discusses computer concordances and analyses of medieval German lyrics, creation of computer concordances of the scholarly collections of medieval German lyrics, and the analysis of these lyrics from thematic and formal points of view.

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Amory considered him coldly. Amory would have put him on the rack without a scruple. He pictured the happy party jingling along snowy streets, the appearance of the limousine, the horrible public descent of him and Myra before sixty reproachful eyes, his apology a real one this time. He sighed aloud. I was just yawning. As they stepped into the machine he hurriedly slapped the paint of diplomacy over a rather box-like plan he had conceived. Can you ever forgive me? Yes, Myra could forgive him very easily. He had lashes. French apology: apologie, excuses, excuse.

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She gave a little gasp. I got the habit. He turned the green eyes on her again. Thick dusk had descended outside, and as the limousine made a sudden turn she was jolted against him; their hands touched. You got a crush on Froggy Parker. I guess everybody knows that. A silence, while Amory thrilled.

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  • There was something fascinating about Myra, shut away here cosily from the dim, chill air. Myra, a little bundle of clothes, with strands of yellow hair curling out from under her skating cap. French bundle: paquet, ballot, faisceau, liasse, botte, faisceau de fibres.

    He must act quickly. Amory sank back against the cushions with a sigh of relief. From the Country Club steps the roads stretched away, dark creases on the white blanket; huge heaps of snow lining the sides like the tracks of giant moles. They lingered for a moment on the steps, and watched the white holiday moon. A few years later this was to be a great stage for Amory, a cradle for many an emotional crisis. Now they talked for a moment about bobbing parties. What a story this would make to tell Marylyn! Here on the couch with this wonderful-looking boy the little fire the sense that they were alone in the great building Myra capitulated.

    The atmosphere was too appropriate. As yet he had not even noticed it.

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    He had never kissed a girl before, and he tasted his lips curiously, as if he had munched some new fruit. Then their lips brushed like young wild flowers in the wind. She slipped her hand into his, her head drooped against his shoulder. Sudden revulsion seized Amory, disgust, loathing for the whole incident. He desired frantically to be away, never to see Myra again, never to kiss any one; he became conscious of his face and hers, of their clinging hands, and he wanted to creep out of his body and hide somewhere safe out of sight, up in the corner of his mind.

    There was another pause. Myra sprang up, her cheeks pink with bruised vanity, the great bow on the back of her head trembling sympathetically. I will too! Casey-Jones—mounted to the cab-un Took his farewell journey to the prom-ised land. The first winter he wore moccasins that were born yellow, but after many applications of oil and dirt assumed their mature color, a dirty, greenish brown; he wore a gray plaid mackinaw coat, and a red toboggan cap.

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    The trouble with this one was that you breathed into it and your breath froze; one day the darn thing froze his cheek. He rubbed snow on his cheek, but it turned bluishblack just the same. Amory cried on his bed. Marylyn stands above Sallee in that sweet, deep love. Scott Fitzgerald 19 Jim-Jam Jems.

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    He had all the Henty biasses in history, and was particularly fond of the cheerful murder stories of Mary Roberts Rinehart. School ruined his French and gave him a distaste for standard authors. His masters considered him idle, unreliable and superficially clever. He wore the rings of several.

    Finally he could borrow no more rings, owing to his nervous habit of chewing them out of shape. This, it seemed, usually aroused the jealous suspicions of the next borrower.

    Afterward they would stroll home in the balmy air of August night, dreaming along Hennepin and Nicollet Avenues, through the gay crowd.