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Twenty-Five Years of Navarrese Historiography 85 and completed in a second version by the latter author Such approach offered a comparative study of the progress of historiography in relation to the reign, with a breakdown of some of the most recurring elements created in this regard, ranging from the excessive imperialism to the breaking of the Hispanic unity supposedly achieved during the period of rule.

A completely different picture of the king and his governing acts is outlined in the work of Aitor Pescador, closer to the image of a Vasconian king who structures a political system based on the same culture for centuries, which now would reach its territorial and institutional peak Sancho III, el Mayor Burgos: La Olmeda, Pamplona: Mintzoa, , had been edited within the collection Reyes de Navarra by the publishing house Mintzoa.


Since they were published before our starting point in , as well as other studies of the series relating to kings prior to , they are not referred to in this article, although other of later edition are quoted. Sancho III el Mayor. El rey y su reino. More widespread publicated in Sancho el Mayor y su reino navarro. Madrid: Real Academia de la Historia, Rey de Pamplona, Rex Ibericus. Madrid: Marcial Pons, Pescador, Aitor. Historia de un reino y un reinado, Vasconia en el siglo XI.

La frontera de Castilla con el reino de Pamplona en el siglo XI. Peterson, David. De divisione regno. Poder magnaticio en la sierra de la Demanda en el siglo XI. Brocar, 29 : Pamplona epigones of Sancho III were also commemorated in Nevertheless, since this period is between the old and new establishments, as stated by Larrea, the approaches somewhat converge The eventual period of the reign and assassination of Sancho IV undoubtedly requires a complete historiographic review to analyse the figure of the king, his reign and the relevant context, without stereotypes, which may often represent a romantic vision of history, with the good and the bad while the king plays a secondary role , from which even the most renowned historians are unable to escape The Aragonese branch of the dynasty, which produced the kings of Pamplona from , had better fortune.

Certain recent monographic studies have analysed the life and government of the three kings, with a different degree of intensity and complexity. Although most of these studies are in the form of synthesis 68 or Estirpe goda y legitimidad del poder en tiempos de Sancho el Mayor, Ante el milenario del reinado de Sancho el Mayor La batalla de Atapuerca.

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Letras de Deusto, 39 : Un rey y un reino en la Europa del siglo XI. Un rey y un reino With regard to political history, it is worth mentioning the article by Besga, Armando. La muerte de un rey. Sarasa, Esteban, coord. Huesca: IEA, is focused on the Aragonese sector of the kingdom, as indicated by the title, but separation of Navarre and Aragon areas seems impossible in many sections of the work.

Spanish History and Culture. Revistas CSIC! From Print to Print to Online! Curriculum Vitae Emili Tortosa-Ausina. Publications Catalog: History and Migration. Research articles: present finished research projects in detail. Roberto Burguet Curriculum vitae March Author Identification. Eduardo Bergasa. Name: Ana Maria Iglesias Maqueda. Universidad de Cantabria, Spain.

Maida Watson. Degree program: Degree in Business Administration and Management. Spanish School - Vermont. Faculty - Vermont. There is much more, but you will have to come and find it for yourself. We are waiting for you. Innovation and Teaching Technologies.

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Faculty of Arts. KU Leuven. Universidade Complutense de Madrid revistas. Fontes linguae vasconum: Studia et documenta em espanhol 88 : Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes cervantesvirtual. Arzobispado de Pamplona y Tudela. Pamplona: Pamiela. Historia Ilustrada de Navarra em espanhol. Pamplona: Diario de Navarra. Madrid : Marcial Pons, Ediciones de Historia. Paris : Eusko Ikaskuntza. Revue Internationale des Etudes Basques em espanhol 26 : Bilbao : Universidade de Deusto. Historia16 em espanhol Historia del reino de Navarra en la edad media em espanhol.

Pamplona: Editorial Pamiela. Marichalar In addition, the first volume of the Navarra Judaica, which includes a large number of unpublished 9. Despite its title, the analysis mainly focuses on external texts and not only local texts. Pamplona: Caja de Ahorros de Navarra, I, Pamplona: Pamiela, Lopetegui, Guadalupe; Pescador, Aitor. Archivo General de Navarra Within the same collection, other editions compile Navarre documents prior to 13 th century, but they are not included in this article since they mainly refer to later times.

Tomo I Pamplona: Gobierno de Navarra, Twenty-Five Years of Navarrese Historiography 77 diplomatic records, is considered an extremely important source of knowledge of the Jewish minority Since then, the progress in early medieval archaeology has been prolific, but still seems to be eternally provisional, subjected to public works and the required explorations established by law, in the absence of systematic and adequate programming, far from the heavy impulse received in the eighties. Furthermore, the works involved in the restoration of the Pamplona and Tudela Cathedrals, as well as neighbouring areas, amongst others, are particularly noteworthy Documentos Poblamiento rural de Navarra en la Edad Media.

Zaragoza: Universidad de Zaragoza, II Congreso. Vasconia en la Alta Edad Media, Poderes y comunidades rurales en el norte peninsular. The following contributions may be considered as relevant for their overall balance study: Ramos, Mikel. Apart from remains from other periods, the discovery of certain materials linked to an important Muslim necropolis renewed most of the traditional beliefs relating to the presence of the Umayyad power in Navarre.

The team that conducted the archaeological excavations published most of the results in different works Although the value of works of art as an historical source of information is unquestionable, we cannot analyse the field in detail, for the reasons stated above. Alta Edad Media, Primeros emblemas regios.

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  • Fontes Linguae Vasconum. Studia et documenta, 22 : Valladolid: Universidad de Valladolid, Reher, coord. Twenty-Five Years of Navarrese Historiography 79 2. Despite the thematic framework suggested by the title, or perhaps for this reason, the analysis also covers aspects related to ideological transfer, sense of power, relation between res publica and res privata, all of which easily fit into this section.

    It is certainly a work of reference, due to its methodological innovation and scope of topics, with a perspective that clearly falls within the context of the models designed by the school of the director of the thesis, Pierre Bonnassie, for the Catalonian area or, in general terms, for the French Carolingian and post Carolingian Midi areas Advocates of mutationism will agree with many of the views expressed in the work.

    They will find the continuity of late Roman models during six centuries, including the preservation of the concept of public tax by the local elite and the monarchy of the 10 th century. On the other hand, those with different views to these historiographic perspectives will undoubtedly consider some of the interpretations to be lacking sufficient source information or are based on inaccurate interpretations However, the analysis fully coincides on one idea: the intense Romanisation of the territory before the Arab conquest, essential for the structure of the social and political model upon which the kingdom existing around was based.

    However, in this case, the predominating idea is that the final result of the process, although coinciding, comes from a long evolution, with its ups Directed by Pierre Bonnassie.

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    Bruxelles: De Boeck, See critical note by to the edition in Huarte de San Juan magazine. The chapter Del reino de Pamplona al reino de Navarra , on the period of this study, is also remarkable and was signed by his disciple, L. In the sections below, regarding more specific work, the different special features of the two lines of thinking and other alternatives are discussed. Times of transition 5 th -8 th centuries The intensity and quality of the relations between the vascones and the different governing authorities in Hispania and Gaul were the most repeated topics in historiographic analysis for decades or even centuries.